Pumpkin Pie Hummus from Costco


Last fall, I had heard about a pumpkin hummus being sold at Costco. Of course, with my love of all things pumpkin, I was intrigued but somehow missed the window to buy it. Roaming the aisles this past weekend, I saw the pumpkin product in the open refrigerated section of my local Costco and had to have it.

At first, I didn’t know what to eat it with, but after a little google research, it sounded like apples or graham crackers were the recommended pairing. I decided to pick up some graham crackers from Whole Foods the very same night, so we could taste this dessert hummus.


We tried it as a spread on the graham crackers, and it still had a pretty strong chickpea flavor. I know! It’s kind of silly because it is a hummus afterall, but I guess I wanted more pumpkin. That’s when I remembered the Pumpkin Spice Whipped Topping I had bought at Whole Foods the week before. 7E3846FD-B7AE-46D8-B023-AAE198C9C578_1_201_a


I kind of think that you could make a lot of things taste heavenly with this whipped topping, but it definitely took this pumpkin hummus to the next level, while also keeping with the pumpkin theme. I also sprinkled a little pumpkin pie spice on top, which also added a bit more flavor. I have to say that this 2-3 bite cracker was delicious!

The downside is that the hummus on its own is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. I basically added all those things back in with the graham crackers and whipped cream. If you have a pretty strict diet and are craving something pumpkin, you could try it with the apples and maybe the sweetness of the fruit would balance out that chickpea flavor. Or maybe you won’t mind that flavor as much as we did. Afterall,  hummus is mainly made of chickpeas!


Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this seasonal hummus dessert and what you ate it with!

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