Nami Kaze Izakaya & Sushi Bar

picture of the front of Nami Kaze at Pier 38.
Nami Kaze offers okazuya style food at Pier 38 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I think the title of this post gives a little sneak peek of what we can expect from Nami Kaze, the new restaurant that has taken over the spot once occupied by Uncle’s at Pier 38 (btw, if you’re looking for Uncle’s, check out Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill at Pearlridge.)

Currently, Nami Kaze is not an izakaya or sushi bar. For now, they are doing take-out only with an “okazuya style” menu. They have a convenient online ordering system through Toast Tab, and preorders are recommended.

When anyone mentions okazuya, I get super excited. I start thinking about musubi, gobo, tempura, and all the other delicious offerings that you can typically get at okazuya in Hawaii. So naturally, this place was on my radar, and I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.

2 bowls of the food from Nami Kaze which was purchased as take out.
Nami (Wave) and Kaze (Wind) are 2 of the bowls they currently offer on their menu.


I was curious how the ordering process would work, as you usually go to an okazuya and point to all the delicious items behind a case, and someone makes you a plate of all your favorite items.

When you go on the Nami Kaze site for ordering, there are approximately 9 bowls or plates to choose from, 4 different poke bowls, and several add ons (e.g., various musubi, namasu, potato salad, char siu, chicken).

I opted for the Nami, as it had all the things my pescatarian heart could desire. It was a rather large bowl of sushi rice topped with various sashimi, spicy ahi, fried garlic shrimp, and shio konbu cabbage.

All of the fish tasted fresh, but I have to say my favorites were the garlic shrimp and spicy ahi. The amount of food was extremely filling.

Picture of Nami, their bowl of seafood offerings.
Nami, a bowl of seafood on sushi rice. $18.95


As I was putting together my Nami order, I started checking off some add-ons. I soon realized that many of the things I wanted to try were in the Kaze bowl. The Kaze bowl comes with kamameshi rice topped with atsugage (deep fried) tofu, carrot tegu, wasabi okra, shio konbu cabbage, and potato salad.

The only side not in the Kaze that I really wanted to try was the zucchini namasu, so I got a side of that.

I know what you’re thinking, “you ordered 2 bowls?!” Yes, I did and I don’t recommend it, if you’re just picking up lunch for yourself, because it is a lot of food. I mostly picked at the Kaze to get a taste of everything and ate it later for dinner.

My favorites were the zucchini namasu and surprisingly the wasabi okra. If you’re not a fan of slimy okra, you probably won’t like it, but I liked how tasty it was.

Picture of Kaze, their bowl of non-meat items.
Kaze, a vegetarian bowl $12.95 with a side of zucchini namasu $1.25

Will I go back?

Sure! I’m actually curious about their poke bowls. They’re customizable with different fish and vegetarian options (YES! You heard that right. Pickled beets or fried tofu for the protein option). My pescatarian heart would also go back for another Nami bowl!

The online ordering was easy and pick up was convenient. They also had a sign indicating that they sell Asato Family sherbert, so that could also be another reason to go back.


I’ve always liked that Pier 38 always has a ton of parking, even with Nico’s Pier 38 right next door. Honestly, you can just do curbside pickup, text them when you get there, and you don’t even have to worry about parking. It’s super convenient.

Nami Kaze Information

  • Nami Kaze: 1135 N Nimitz Highway,┬áHonolulu,┬áHI
  • Link to their Toast Tab for online ordering
  • Open Tues-Sat 8:30am-1:00pm
  • IG: @namikaze.hi
  • As always, check their website or IG for updates, especially as more restaurants open up for in-dining service or may change their hours.

If you’re interested in more okazuya, check out my post on long-time Fukuya Deli.

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