Liliha Bakery

IMG_6814.JPGI’ve been coming to Liliha Bakery since I was a kid. My dad lives down the street from the bakery, and I live fairly close to it now, too. I remember my dad taking us there on Friday nights to choose donuts for Saturday morning. So many good memories tied to this place. I mean, who doesn’t love it, when you bring a box of their famous coco puffs to a family party?!

Since we live close by, we’ve had dinner at the famous Liliha Bakery counter on several occasions. There’s so much action at the counter! You can watch as they fry up your eggs, or serve your neighbor a fluffy stack of pancakes.

Mahi Mahi and Eggs $13.75

My go-to order at Liliha Bakery is actually the mahi mahi and eggs, sunny side up. (Note: I had this picture saved from another night that we ate there.)

French Toast $8.29

On this particular day, I had eaten a late lunch and decided to change things up and ordered their French toast. I opted to have it with sweet bread. However, you can also choose to have it made with white, brown, raisin, or cinnamon bread. With the perfect batter and sprinkling of powdered sugar, it was delicious!

New York Steak and Eggs $15.75

My date had the steak and eggs, which he woofed down with some A-1.

Butter roll with jelly

Many meals, including the steak and eggs and mahi mahi and eggs, are served with a butter roll. The rolls are put on the grill with butter and served with Liliha Bakery’s famous jelly. We lovingly refer to it as the “radioactive jelly” due to its bright color.

clockwise: chocolate cream puff, cream puff, coco puff, green tea puff

Once you’re done eating at the counter, you can pick up some of their popular pastries to-go. As mentioned before, Liliha Bakery is known for their coco puffs. The chantilly frosting and chocolate cream in the middle are to die for.

Another one of our favorites: banana bread loaf with chantilly frosting
More baked goodness

There’s no doubt that we’ll be back for more butter rolls, coco puffs, and meals at the counter. What do you love about this long-time, Hawaii eatery?

  • Liliha Bakery: 515 N. Kuakini St., Honolulu, HI 96817
  • 808-531-1651
  • huge parking lot
  • Feels: casual, recently updated restaurant interior, super friendly and efficient staff of familiar faces.
  • Dine in or take out for coffee shop menu
  • open: Tues 6am-Sun 8pm; 24/7 except Mondays

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