Fujiya in Kalihi


In business since 1958, Fujiya is every mochi lovers dream. Their case of goodies boasts a variety of flavors to be enjoyed or shared with someone special. I once took a small box of Fujiya mochi to New York for a good friend of mine, who I knew would appreciate this special treat.

They have a variety of mochi with fruit in the middle in their refrigerated case. On the day that we were there, their selection included strawberry, banana peanut butter, blueberry, pineapple, and raspberry.

strawberry mochi
banana peanut butter mochi


In the non-refrigerated case, you can find the red bean, white bean, smooth and crunchy peanut butter, and manju varieties.

My favorite, the broken senbei (tea cookies)

In addition to their mochi, you can also buy their famous snacks at the Kalihi storefront.

Their senbei (tea cookies) come in a variety of flavors, including matcha coconut, guava coconut, and chocolate coconut. They are a thin, delicious wafter treat.

You can also find iso peanuts and arare in a variety of shapes and sizes.IMG_7153Fujiya wholesales to a variety of stores in Hawaii. You can find a list of stores that carry their products on their website. However, I recommend stopping by their Kalihi shop if you have a chance. It’s always fun to customize your own box of mochi or manju!

  • Fujiya: 454 Waiakamilo Rd., Honolulu, HI 96817
  • 808-845-2921
  • www.fujiyahawaii.com
  • parking lot in front, 5 or 6 stalls. Customers are picking up their goodies and leaving, so there’s usually a stall or 2 open.
  • Feels: local style snacks; helpful workers.
  • open: Mon-Sat. 8:30am-3:00pm

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