Trip to South Korea: Day 1

We took the Hawaiian Airlines direct flight from Honolulu to Incheon, South Korea on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. After an 11 and a half hour flight, we arrived in Incheon at approximately 8:30 pm the next day. After making our way to the Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel, we decided to get some food at a nearby eatery. fullsizeoutput_db2.jpegWe walked to The Red Rock, which is known for their fried chicken. Huge boneless pieces of chicken came out on a large plate. They were accompanied by a few dipping sauces (not pictured here). Although I’m not a chicken eater, it was clear that fried chicken was a popular food in Korea. We came across several restaurants specializing in fried chicken during our short trip.

fullsizeoutput_dafBeing a pescatarian, I ordered the spicy fish cake soup. It was super spicy at first and then the burning sensation started to subside, as my taste buds started to lose feeling. I liked the fish cake, but was surprised to find that they didn’t have rice available to order as a side dish. It’s definitely not like Hawai’i, where we eat rice with everything.

With our tummies full, we returned to the hotel for some much needed sleep!

The next morning, we woke up and had breakfast across the street at An’s Bakery. They had a large selection of beautifully prepared baked goods.

My sister and I loved the cute cakes, especially the one that looked like a red apple. fullsizeoutput_dbaAfter having a quick bite to eat with coffee, we headed back to the hotel to catch the free bus to Seoul provided by the Sheraton. It took a little over an hour to get to the big city.

IMG_8828We spent most of the day in Myeongdong, a shopping area filled with tons of beauty and skincare stores such as Tony Moly and Nature Republic.

Myeongdong Kyoja

When we were ready for lunch, we headed to Myeongdon Kyoja. It was a 3-story restaurant with a small menu of 3 items. During the summer, there is one more menu item available.


I ordered the bibimguksu, as it could be ordered without meat. It was a cold noodle dish with gochujang, cucumbers, and sesame noodles. It was spicy and delicious.

IMG_8832The rest of my party enjoyed the kalguksu and mandu. The kalguksu was a chicken broth with noodles, while the mandu were pork filled dumplings. The workers made their rounds and refilled empty kimchee dishes. We all enjoyed our meals and walked out of their smelling like kimchee.fullsizeoutput_dbd.jpegImmediately following our spicy lunch, my mom and I decided to try the nearby rose gelato. IMG_8845It was a yogurt type of gelato. Matcha, vanilla, and strawberry flavors were used to make my pretty dessert. You can watch them make the rose, after you order it. When we finished our desserts, we continued to shop for face masks, lotions, and other beauty products. IMG_8861When dinner time arrived, we were delighted to find lots of street vendors with delicious food. For roughly 16 US dollars, we were able to order 4 different dishes, which was more than enough food for 2 of us.

Lots of seafood available, including shrimp, conch, and octopus
Kim Bap, a Korean sushi roll
Korean vegetable pancake
Spiral potato on a stick
Roasted chestnuts and corn on the cob
Delicious, warm chestnuts
Mochi filled with bean and strawberry

I highly recommend the street food in Myeongdong. There was a wide variety of foods to choose from and it was very reasonably priced.

After a full 24 hours of shopping and eating, it was time to return to the hotel and get some much-needed rest!

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