Off The Hook Poke Market in Mānoa

fullsizeoutput_1206Do you ever see pictures of new food spots on Instagram and just know that you have to stop there one day? Towards the end of last year, I started noticing delicious pictures of poke bowls from a new spot in Mānoa, Off The Hook Poke Market. Friends started asking me if I had tried it, and started giving me their rave reviews on the poke selection there.fullsizeoutput_1208This week, when some friends invited me to meet them for lunch, I was extremely curious to see what all the hype was about. My friends had already been there 4 times before, and had their favorites picked out. Their recommendations definitely swayed my ordering.

Mini 2 choice with Japan Deluxe and Spicy Ahi poke over sushi rice

I ordered the Japan Deluxe poke, which was a mix of miso, ginger, and shiso leaf. Those were basically some of my favorite flavors, so it was a win for me. I also ordered the Spicy Ahi poke, because spicy ahi tends to be a classic that all poke places serve, and I wanted to try this one to compare. Again, it was a win! It was the right level of spicy for me, and the best part about the meal was that the fish from both poke were excellent quality. No weird textures or stringy bits.

I should also mention that I’m definitely a sushi rice gal, so I ordered their special sushi rice which was $1 more. It had a little bit of spinach blended into it, so it had a greenish color. It was super delcious too, but I think next time I’ll try my poke bowl with regular white rice, so I can really appreciate the flavors of the poke on their own.

I ordered a mini, which was their smallest size. It was very filling, and if I got a larger size, I would’ve likely had leftovers for later, which woudnʻt have been a bad thing!

Regular 2 choice with Shoyu Ahi poke and Japan Deluxe poke over salad

My friends who had been to this spot multiple times already, got the same order: a regular size Shoyu Ahi and Japan Deluxe. One got it over rice and the other got it over salad. These guys had sampled all the flavors before, so I would say that this would be a strongly recommended combination. Although I was told that you can’t go wrong with any of the poke.

The toppings that you see in the pictures (furikake, green onion, tobiko, and tempura flakes) were complimentary, and you can decide if you want some or all of it.

Located across Mānoa Marketplace, next to Starbucks and Andyʻs, it had outdoor seating and about 4-5 tables inside. You could eat a quick, casual lunch there or get it to-go.

Iʻll definitely be back to try some of their other poke selections, like the Original Cold Ginger Ahi Poke and the Wasabi Furikake Ahi Poke. I should mention that they also have a Poke Sampler for $25, which includes a sampling of 8 of their original flavors.

Let me know where your favorite poke spot is in the comments below!

  • Off The Hook Poke Market: 2908 E Manoa Rd., Honolulu, HI 96822
  • 808-800-6865
  • Instagram: @offthehookpokemarket
  • parking: behind Starbucks and street parking
  • super friendly and energetic service behind the counter
  • clean and comfortable vibes inside the eatery
  • 11am-6pm Mon-Sat

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