7 Must Haves for Outdoor Running


I’ve never been a “Love to Run” kinda girl, but I was a very sad gym rat, when gyms closed in Hawai’i for quarantine and then again for a second shutdown. Walks around my neighborhood and runs around Diamond Head have become the norm recently.

I will say that the fresh outdoor air and sun have done me good and have helped to keep me sane during this time. A good playlist and podcasts have kept me company, while getting my sweat on. The Dave Chang Show has been a favorite podcast during quarantine with his Dad’s and Recipe Club episodes being some of my favorites.

Inspired by my new outdoor cardio time, I decided to share some of my current running essentials.


  1. Great ventilated top: Super light top that hits at the waist and stays out of your way.  Find Your Pace Tank
  2. Apple watch: Keeps you motivated and pushing yourself to beat your last mile time. Apple Watch Nike
  3. Airpods: I don’t know why I waited for so long to invest in these babies. No wires equals heaven. Airpods Pro
  4. Bike shorts: Comes in 6″, 8″, and 10″ lengths. Silky smooth with a great pocket for your phone. Fast and Free Short 10″
  5. Visor: Keep the sun out of your face with the Fast Paced Visor
  6. Sunscreen: Great lightweight sunscreen that I use daily. cocokind daily spf
  7. Comfy Running Shoes: It was recommended that I get some real running shoes to save my feet. I had to read up on different shoes and how your feet land when running. I ended up with these running shoes, which feel like soft, fluffy clouds and suit me. GEL-Cumulus 22 Lite Show

How have you changed up your workouts, since quarantine started? Please share in the comments!

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