What I bought for my work-at-home space


When Hawai’i went into lockdown mode in March, it was time to switch gears and move work life to home. It started out miserably. I was thrown into the deep end of back to back appointments on the computer. I literally set up shop on a night stand and an ottoman in my bedroom. It quickly became clear that I needed to invest in a few things to make this space work for me.

desk keyboard laptop stand fan planner desk keyboard laptop stand fan planner

Here are some of the necessities that have helped get me through the past 5 months.

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1. Desk: I found this basic desk, which is the perfect size for my computer and work essentials. Different color options available.

2. Wireless keyboard & mouse: This was a good investment, as I got a laptop stand, and it just makes it easier to navigate the computer, when you’re on there all day.

3. Laptop stand: Save your neck and prevent headaches with this handy item for elevating your laptop.

4. Desktop fan: I’m spoiled and used to being in an airconditioned office. I don’t have a/c at home, so I needed a little fan to keep me cool in this summer heat, while working from my desk.

5. Planner: This wasn’t a new quarantine item, but I wanted to give a shoutout to my favorite planner. It has kept me organized, and as we go between lockdown and opening up and then lockdown again, it reminds me of where I need to be and who I’m supposed to be prepared to meet with.

Let me know what you’ve used to get through work-at-home life.

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