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Diamond Head

In graduate school, I used to do weekly walks around Diamond Head with one of my classmates. Recently, with gyms being closed in Hawai’i, I’ve been exercising more outdoors. Adding Diamond Head back into the  routine after all these years has been a nice homecoming of sorts.

On the route that I take, I always pass Diamond Head Market & Grill. I hadn’t stopped by for a while and have now made 2 stops in the last month. I always go into the market and have a hard time resisting their blueberry cream cheese scones.

Pictured above are the blueberry cream cheese and banana cream cheese scones. These are never too dry and are massive in size. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

More savory offerings have included the inari sampler and salmon musubi. These are great quick bites that would make perfect companions at the beach.

I also recently tried the salmon wrap and pesto pasta salad. I didn’t think the wrap would be enough to satisfy me, but it was packed with veggies and it was like a salmon salad mix inside. It was very flavorful. The pasta salad was a good side dish for a couple of meals.

I know a lot of people are fans of the various cakes in the market. It’s always a treat to pick up a slice. I decided to try the seasonal pirie mango cheesecake, which was much lighter on the bottom than traditional cheesecakes. It was more of a whipped cream,  but it definitely let the mango flavor stand out. The lemon crunch cake is my sister’s favorite dessert from the market and is always a good choice.


With tons of baked goods, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more, you’re sure to find something to grab and go. I haven’t ordered from the grill recently, so you’ll have to tell me your favorites there!


Stop by if you’re on your way to the beach or looking for a quick meal to take home. Maybe you’ll see me running down Monsarrat!

  • Diamond Head Market & Grill
  • 3158 Monsarrat Ave. Honolulu, HI 96815
  • http://www.diamondheadmarket.com/
  • 808-732-0077
  • Check their website for up to date hours and scone schedule

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