Got’z Grindz in Kaneohe

Salmon Bento $10

I found myself in Kaneohe this morning, after running at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. I decided this would be the day that I finally stopped by at Got’z Grindz. They’re open from 6am to 1pm, so you have to stop by there in the morning hours, before they sell out or close for the day.

There were a few people in front of me in line, including a woman who was picking up several pre-ordered bentos. While waiting in line, I was checking out their big counter, which was filled with bentos, musubis, ahi patties, chicken karaage, and more.

I chose the salmon bento, which was perfect for a pescatarian like me. I really liked the gobo, and the heart-shaped tamago was a nice touch.

Tuna Takuan Furikake Musubi $3.50

I was sure to try one of their many musubis, and decided on the tuna takuan furikake. They had mentioned on their Instagram account that it was one of their most popular musubis. It was well balanced between filling and rice, and it was a good size. I normally wouldn’t eat this much, but I had run that morning and had not eaten breakfast. I needed FOOD!

Mango Butter Mochi $3.00
Chocolate Chip Corn Flake Cookies, 3 for $3.95

They also had treats including mochi and cornflake cookies. I tried both and was glad I got something for my sweet tooth. I wish I had bought one of the big bags of lihing gummy bears. I may have to go back soon for one of those!



With lots of great choices, I would say there’s something for everyone at Got’z Grindz. Everyone there was super friendly and helpful, and I’ll definitely be back for more.

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