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*Updated June 2021: Business is currently closed.

Mochi Do is the newest hot spot on O’ahu to get your mochi donut fix. If you’ve never had a mochi donut, it’s soft with that chewy mochi texture, but it doesn’t have the stickiness of mochi. It’s topped with a flavored glaze or topping.

Xplorer 6 PackĀ 

When I opened my Xplorer Pack from Mochi Do, I gasped out loud because it was so beautiful. The Xplorer Pack is a variety of 6 different donuts, and the flavors offered change from week to week. For this week, the pack consisted of Banana Foster, Cinnamon Sprinkle, Chocolate Crispies, Strawberry Banana, Double Expresso, and Mango. The Xplorer Pack is a great way to get a nice variety of flavors and since the flavors are always changing, you’ll want to go back and try each new week’s offerings.

4 Pack Kaki-Mochido

They’ve also got certain flavors available in 4 packs. When I was there, the Kaki-Mochido, a chocolate glazed mochi donut with kaki mochi pieces on top was offered in the 4 pack.

I was instructed by Jason, the owner of Mochi Do, to “eat this one fast.” I think he meant that the kaki mochi can get a little soft and lose it’s crunchiness if you wait too long to eat it. Out of all the flavors I tried, this was the only one that had a mix of salty and sweet. It also had a lot of crunch from the kaki mochi, which was a nice contrast to that chewy, soft donut.

4 Pack Peanut Butter

They also offered their Peanut Butter mochi donuts in a 4 pack. Again, another good choice if you’re picking one flavor to enjoy. 38A98285-9283-4322-8FAF-44B9E2C2BC59_1_201_a

If you’re going for the first time, I definitely recommend getting the Xplorer Pack, so you can try lots of different flavors . These packs also make great gifts for the sweet tooth in your life.

You can order online and drive thru at the Waikiki Monarch Hotel to pick it up. They’ve got staff on the look out for Mochi Do customers, and come up to your car, get your name, and deliver the goods. It’s fast and easy!

Have you tried Mochi Do? If so, let me know what your favorite flavor is in the comments!

  • Mochi Do Hawaii
  • 444 Niu Street
    Honolulu, HI 96815
  • open 8am-12pm Mon to Sat
  • IG: @mochidohawaii

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