Gifts for Plant Lovers from Amazon

My plant obsession started last year with a prayer plant and a few baby anthuriums. I’ve added about 11 more plants to my space and an Aerogarden to grow herbs. It’s starting to look like a forest in here, and I love it. Today, I’m sharing some Gifts for Plant Lovers from Amazon. [Note: this post contains clickable affiliate links for products featured.]

  1. “Plants Get Me”-these socks say it all! Perfect for any plant mamas out there.

2. If you’ve got tropical plants that like some humidity, you might need to mist them. Research if your plants actually need misting, as you don’t want to be a chronic over-waterer like me! What can I say? Everyone looks thirsty!!

3. Who doesn’t need a cute elephant watering can? Did I mention that I like to water my plants a little too much? I’m working on it…but I did buy the elephant.

4. If you live in a space that doesn’t get much light or window space is limited, you might need to invest in a grow light.

Finally, how cute are these planters that are sold in sets??? If you don’t get them for your plant babies, these would make perfect small gifts, if you found a succulent for each one and gifted them away for birthdays, special occasions, or even the holidays which will be here before we know it! Obviously, we’d keep the white owls together, because they come with that cool stand.

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Let me know what you’re growing in the comments below!

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