Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery

statue inside Dell's Kitchen
Dell’s Kitchen is located on McCully and Young Streets in Honolulu.

Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery

While going through my pictures, I realized that I have amassed several delicious pics from Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery in Honolulu. Dell’s Kitchen is one of my go-to places to pick up a satisfying and tasty plate for lunch or dinner. They’ve also got a beautiful case of various breads and pastries that are hard to resist.

Located in busy Honolulu, they’ve got a big parking lot, where I never have to worry about finding a space. They’ve also got a super convenient online ordering system that you can access through their website.

The Food at Dell’s Kitchen

One of the other reasons I like Dell’s Kitchen is that they have vegetarian and seafood options. If you like beef, chicken, or pork, they’ve got that too.

Honestly, the portions are good and always satisfy me. The salad, potato salad, and veggies (cooked or pickled) that come with the plates are always flavorful, too. I really haven’t had a plate that I didn’t like from this place. See below for pictures of the Ahi Katsu, Seafood Croquette, Miso Salmon, and Miso Eggplant.

Now if you’re not as hungry, but need a quick snack or maybe you’re anticipating being hungry later, you can pick up a musubi or two. As you can see, they are popular and were almost wiped out on the day that I took this picture.

musubi at Dell's Kitchen
The various musubi at Dell’s Kitchen are very popular.

The Bread at Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery

So we need to talk a little bit about that bread case. Basically, it’s my weak spot when I’m there to pick up my food. An pan, chocolate pan, whole loaves of bread…it’s basically bread heaven.

I highly recommend picking up a box of goodies to share with your office mates or family. I’ve tried a loaf of their matcha bread, and it’s dense, fresh and wonderful.

Dell's Kitchen & Bakery bread case
The bread case at Dell’s Kitchen & Bakery
A closer look at some of the bread from Dell’s Bakery.

Dell’s Bakery & Kitchen Information

  • 1110 McCully St, Honolulu, HI 96826
  • (808) 840-0496
  • Go to their website and place an order there for faster pick up or order at the counter and browse the bread case, while you wait for your food.

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