Christmas Waffles

Christmas waffles plated

Do you know someone who needs some Christmas Waffles in their life this holiday season? Want to make those waffles extra delicious? I’ve got the perfect gift idea for you. For around $20, you can have a delicious mochi waffle mix and a mini waffle maker to gift to the waffle-lover in your life!

Keep reading for the details on these delicious waffles and ideas for other items you can add on to the gift.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

First of all, you need to make sure the person has a waffle maker. The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is perfect, as it makes one waffle at a time and doesn’t take up very much room in your cupboard. It’s also incredibly affordable. It’s $12.99 on the Dash website and some models go for less on Amazon.

They have waffle makers with the standard square pattern or ones that make a cute imprint like a pumpkin, a bunny, or a snowflake (as you see in this post).

My tip: Keep a close eye on your waffles. They only take a few minutes to cook in the Dash.

The Kahala Pantry Mochi Waffle Mix

If you are looking for a specialty waffle mix, try the Mochi Waffle Mix from The Kahala Pantry. These come out with a slight bit of chewiness from the mochi. Delicious when eaten warm with butter and syrup, they also taste great plain, too.

The Kahala Pantry is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and you can purchase their waffle mix directly from their website. Their liliko’i butter or a bag of their local coffee would be a great add-on to your order, too.

Make it a Waffle Gift Basket

Thinking of some other items to add to the gift? How’s about a cute spatula, a mixing bowl, or your favorite syrup or honey? Those would all make great compliments to this breakfast themed gift.

See the links below for some add on ideas to this great gift that your friends and family will surely love. This also makes a great gift for special clients that you want to show your appreciation for.

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