Dear 2022,

Dear 2022,

You were one hell of a year. Some years are about tearing your life apart, other years are about crushing goals, but this year was about rebuilding and setting the stage for things to come. These are the years that take a lot out of you, because this is when the real work is done. It took a lot of reminding myself that it’s the “not fun” work that brings about big results in the future.

January 2022

So where did it start? I would say that things were a bit “up in the air” when 2022 started. What were my goals? What big move was I supposed to make? What changes were going to bring me closer to the life I really wanted to live?

This was a strange feeling for me. I’m usually excited to start a new year with goals and checklists in-hand, but to be honest, I was feeling a little burned out and had gotten used to the not so hopeful outlook of 2020 and 2021.

It took some thought and advising, but by spring, I had figured out what I was meant to do in 2022. It was time to buy a place that I could call home, a place that I could really settle into for a while. Finding it didn’t take long. I was lucky in that respect. I instantly felt at peace and safe when I saw it. The real tiring work was in securing a mortgage loan, shopping for flooring and paint, getting that toilet from Lowe’s, and MOVING!

Oh my goodness! I have decided that moving is the necessary evil of being somewhere that you really love.

This year was also a time for me to audit life and business. I knew that buying my place would mean saying good-bye to my Honolulu office of 7 years, and embracing a home office. It also meant moving my in-person visits and extra office stuff to Wahiawa, where I have been happily seeing clients for 2 years already. Home base is now Wahiawa, and I have to say that I’m truly happy out there.

So “moving” has been a theme this year. It was physically tiring moving home and office. However, I did find myself actually thinking about how grateful I am that I prioritize working out and being physically active. There were boxes I could lift and my giant wagon that I could pull. (BTW, my favorite Costco purchase this year was that wagon! Lol!)

Honestly, I am grateful to F45 Training in Kahala for giving me a place to train, so I could physically get all the things done this year. This was also the year that I joined GY Fitness in Waipio and started training with my new trainer, Nicole. That has been a fun experience to challenge my body in different ways, and I’m excited to get stronger next year.

As for Style Preservation, I worked the hardest I ever have on this blog, but when life got crazy, it got neglected. I’m hoping for more consistent posts next year (fingers crossed!). Also, Hawaii Costco Finds became a new project for me and has been gaining traction. What can I say? People love Costco!

So 2022, you were a challenge for me. These were challenges that I knew were coming and kind of dreaded, but am so happy to have survived. I now look forward to 2023 and seeing what my new established places and routines will bring me! The list of goals and checklists are actually back in hand with a renewed sense of hope. I say this with a grateful heart for the truly wonderful things that have come through hard work, patience, and help from loved ones in 2022. Wishing the best for all of you in the year ahead!


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