First 12 Days of Quarantine

The Honolulu mayor’s stay-at-home-orders for the COVID-19 emergency started at 4:30pm on Monday, March 23rd. I actually had to google that to make sure of the date. The days have just been melting into one. I have been pre-occupied with keeping my business alive and finding ways to fill my days with “productive” activities.

I’ve stayed at home for days at a time with a few exceptions; maybe 2 trips to my office to collect mail and pay bills, a few visits to check on my mom and see my sister’s family, and a handful of trips to pick up food. I did a Costco run, before the lockdown, so I’ve only gone for take out and 1 trip to pick up a basketfull of things from Safeway.

I thought I’d share where I’ve been for takeout in these first 12 days of quarantine and what I ordered.

1) Piggy Smalls: vegan pho $15

The first week of the quarantine was actually quite windy and rainy. I was craving this pho for days, and it was my first take out order. I placed my order online, parked in one of the stalls right behind their restaurant, and picked it up within a few minutes. I did add an order of Jameson custard and coffee sorbet soft serve for $6. Totally worth it.

2) Off The Hook Poke Market: regular size, 2 choice poke with sushi rice $13.49

When the first Saturday of the quarantine came, I needed to get out of the house, and I had a strong craving for poke. Off the Hook Poke Market has pushed up their poke case and counter to the front door, so you can walk up, order, and go. I discovered my new favorite combination-miso ginger tako and Japan Deluxe. So good.

3) O’Kims: miso eggplant $15.95 and truffle mandoo $8.95

I had been wanting to try O’Kims since last year. I noticed lots of vegan options on their IG feed, so I checked out their website, placed a phone order, and picked it up. It has been so nice to have the dedicated metered parking reserved for restaurant pick up right in front of the food establishments. The pick up was quick and easy. My food picks were delicious, and I will definitely be going back to try more of their menu. They change up their menu monthly, so definitely check out their IG feed and website.

4) Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery: cake bombs, ice cream pints, and malasadas

Pipeline has irresistible treats when you’re craving something sweet. They’ve put all their offerings on their website, which makes it easy to order, pay, and pick up. They’ve prioritized the online orders, so you’ll want to place an order there to ensure you get what you want.

Earlier this week, Pipeline put some of the poke bowls from Kyung’s Seafood on their website for a special pre-order that could be picked up on Friday from Pipleline. It was an effort to help promote and boost sales for Kyung’s, which doesn’t have social media. They sold 118 poke bowls!

5) Kyung’s Seafood

I placed an order for 2 poke bowls as part of the special pre-order event. Here are the spicy ahi and shoyu poke bowls from Kyung’s. The funny thing is that I had been to Kyung’s for the first time a little over a month ago. A friend recommended it as a good late night spot. They had really good sashimi, poke, beer, and an awesome seafood pancake. I’ll likely check them out again for take out and hopefully to dine-in when everyone is open again.

Visit them at Kyung’s Seafood: 1269 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96814; call 808-589-1144

A quick run to grab take out has helped to break up the monotony of the week. It has also given me something to look forward to, while hopefully lending some support to my favorite local eateries. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there!

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