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As I mentioned in my previous Outdoor Running post, quarantine really threw a wrench into my workout routine. I’m sure many of you can relate. I loved my group classes at the gym and had really taken a liking to moving weights around and building a little bit of muscle.

I quickly turned to online resources, and found there’s a ton of workouts posted on You Tube, Instagram, and other great sites. With lots of great body weight exercises and sweat sessions with little to no equipment, I’ve learned that it is possible to “get your sweat on” at home.

I’ve also invested in a few things to help me have some variety in the workouts that I’m doing. It’s always horrible to do the same things over and over. Then you really start to hate them. I’m looking at you…burpees and push ups! (Note: pictures below are clickable links to products)


  1. Resistance bands: Tons of great exercises to make your booty hurt. I like the fabric ones, as they don’t roll or slip.

2. A good yoga mat and a cleaner to keep it fresh: You can do everything from stretches, HIIT workouts, and actual yoga, but you need to protect your floors and have something to give you a little traction. I’ve had a Manduka yoga mat for a while, and it has held up pretty nicely. I also invested in the organic lavender scented cleaner to keep it nice and fresh, as the mat gets pretty sweaty with workouts.

3. A cute shaker bottle: Ok, this isn’t really something you use in a workout, but if you do protein shakes, a cute shaker is a must. I saw this Blender Bottle and couldn’t resist. I love to shake my Orgain protein in there. There’s also a pizza, donut, and taco version of this bottle.

4. Kettlebell: These babies were hard to come by, when everyone was in lockdown in March, but they’re slowly becoming more accessible. I invested in a 15 and 25 pound kettlebell. You may want to have a friend or trainer show you how to use these, if you’re less famliar with them, but they do deliver a great workout for the whole body.

5. Jump rope: Admittedly, I’ve always hated the jump rope at the gym. I figured this was a chance to challenge myself with something and possibly get better at it, so I invested in this lightweight speed rope. It came with an extra cable, and it was easy to adjust the length.

6. TRX: Last but not least is my latest investment. I really debated on this one, because it’s not cheap. I figured that what I saved in gym fees this month, I’d put towards this TRX. I’m pretty sure it will last forever, and it came with a free year of access to their app, which has a ton of workouts. Again, if you haven’t used one before, you might want to get a few lessons from a friend or trainer. I can tell already that I’m going to love hating this thing. Tip: I got a discount code, when I added it to my cart and didn’t order right away. I did order this one from the TRX website, but it was shipped by Amazon.

Let me know how you’re staying in shape during this crazy time!

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