Mezze Kitchen Homestyle Falafel

Mezze Kitchen Homestyle Falafel from Costco $10.99

Are you a fan of falafel? I’ve eaten falafel several times in restaurants over the years, but as I started to write this post, I realized how little I knew about these vegetarian fritters. I did a little research and found out that falafel are common in Middle Eastern countries and are considered one of their “fast foods.” Falafel is commonly served in pita or on a platters of food known as meze.  The deep fried or baked balls are made of ground chickpeas (and/or fava beans).

I got this package of premade falafel from Costco. When I saw it advertising organic, vegan, and non-GMO falafel goodness, I thought this would be an easy way to enjoy a quick and healthy vegetarian meal.

one serving is 3 pieces and 180 calories

Admitedly, I don’t read all the labels of my food as carefully as I should. I thought it was incredibly interesting that this is a product of Israel.

Heating/Cooking instructions

I’ve included the nutrition information and ingredients, so you can determine if it fits your dietary needs. The heating and cooking instructions are pretty straight forward. I’m popping mine in the microwave for quick meal prep.


How do you plate your falafel? I like eating it in a sandwich and am looking into recipes for tahini sauce. However, for this meal I decided to plate my falafel with a variety of other items I already had in the fridge. Since I had just done a Costco run, all other items were from there, too. Avocado, basil hummus, mini naan, cauliflower rice, roasted baby creamer potatoes, and a Mediterranean salad made great companions for my falafel. This was a great, filling meal with a lot of plant-based items.

I would recommend trying these falafel, as they are easily prepared and added to many meals. Let me know if you’ve tried this product, and how you like to eat your falafel in the comments below.

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    1. There’s no information about freezing it on the package, but I froze some of mine since there were so many in the Costco pack. I’ve reheated them in the microwave and they still taste good!

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