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36D026B9-BBE8-426E-A9FD-E4FAEEF14699_1_201_aIf you’re looking for a sushi experience in Honolulu, you might want to check out Sushi You. It’s an intimate space hidden next to Times on Beretania Street. It has seats at the sushi bar and a few well-spaced tables.

I went with some friends for the Kaiseki (multi-course) Dinner on a Thursday night and wanted to share the beautiful dishes that were served.6E7B1B57-B7A5-4ADF-803F-7114CC2B93EF_1_201_a6A178D20-DA8D-4831-AE5B-3F990CFE6794_1_201_aFA1A302B-11CE-49EE-83C5-9BFB2E822A30_1_201_aFEADDA6C-72F3-4073-BE5B-1C2A7393A7D2_1_201_a64911F09-19C7-410B-B5BC-96C28BEF2A56_1_201_a

The night started with several delicious dishes that included oysters, unagi (eel), salmon, and octopus. Then the sushi started coming.B036514C-C5B2-4C31-877E-4B439359E153_1_201_aC7825117-F340-48EA-836A-28913D197BCA_1_201_a5511A8A8-C134-47E0-B6F4-EA5D3993B19B

Each piece of sushi was so delicate and fresh. The night ended with an amazing bite of uni and a bowl of miso soup.

5B418729-791E-43E3-B8D1-B9792F23A424_1_201_aSushi You is currently offering an awesome take out menu. I think I’ll be going back very soon to try the Chirashi or Sushi Deluxe. It’s an incredible value for the quality of fish.C4321AB4-475C-49CF-B101-4382954026FC_1_201_a

  • Sushi You
  • IG: @sushiyou.hi
  • 1296 S. Beretania St. Ste. 103, Honolulu, HI
  • Call or text 808-593-8464 or 808-391-2479
  • BYOB

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