Brunch at Kapa Hale

Brunch at Kapa Hale
Kalo Moco on the brunch menu at Kapa Hale in Honolulu
Kalo Moco $16

It feels so great to be brunching with my favorite people on the weekends and enjoying some delicious food! We recently had brunch at Kapa Hale in Kahala. With a small but varied menu, there were choices for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

The Kalo Moco was a vegetarian take on the famous loco moco (note: they also serve up a meaty Loco Moco made with Parker Ranch Grass-Fed Beef). The Kalo Moco came with a kalo patty, mushroom gravy, rice, and silkin tofu. Hearty and satisying, this was the first vegetarian gravy that tasted like the real thing. Also, I was not opposed to the double serving of starch, which tasted oh so good with all that gravy!

Mango Pancakes from Kapa Hale in Honolulu
Mango Pancake $16

I was definitely in the mood for mango pancakes, as it’s mango season again! These came topped with Makaha mango compote, maple syrup, and whipped butter. Is anyone else craving mangoes?

Kane Asada from Kapa Hale in Honolulu
Kane Asada $17

If you’re a meat-eater, you might consider the Kane-Asada, a chili-lime marinated steak, fried egg, pickled mango, and rice. I’m not a meat-eater, but I was told that the pickled mango added a lot of flavor.

Interior restaurant shot of Kapa Hale in Honolulu

Located in Kahala, Kapa Hale is next to the Kahala Post office and shares a parking lot with Subway and Olive Tree Cafe. I also did an IG post about my dinner there (back when they first opened). It’s a bright and fairly casual place with friendly service. As with all places right now, I highly recommend making reservations, which you can do on Open Table. You can also order take out. The Kapa Hale website has links for both.

Let me know which spots you are liking for brunch right now, and don’t forget to check out the O’ahu Resaurant Guide for more dining ideas organized by location.

  • Kapa Hale
  • 808-888-2060
  • 4616 Kilauea Ave. Suite #102, Honolulu, HI 96816
  • small parking lot and street parking available
  • indoor and outdoor seating available

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