What Does a Vegetarian Eat at a BBQ?

What does a vegetarian eat at a BBQ?

Summer time is in full swing and folks are firing up their grills, but what does a vegetarian eat at a BBQ? Foodland Kahala MKT. has all the fixings for a delicious, non-meat BBQ. Keep reading for some plant-based burger inspiration.

Vegetarian BBQ ingredients from Foodland Kahala MKT.

Meet the ingredients, which you can find at Foodland Kahala MKT.:

  • Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burger (2 patties)
  • Buns
  • Crystal Lettuce from Sensei Farms
  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Heirloom Tomato
  • Hoisin Barbeque Sauce
  • Maika’i Sea Salt Potato Chips
  • Sparkling Pink Lemonade

This was my first time trying the Gardein brand of plant-based burgers. They were thick, filling, and delicious. They were also a solid source of protein at 19 grams per patty.

Topped with grilled mushrooms, Hoisin Barbeque Sauce, a juicy slice of heirloom tomato, and fresh locally grown lettuce, this was burger perfection. Don’t forget to toast your buns!

Add some Maika’i Sparkling Pink Lemonade and Sea Salt Potato Chips, and you have the perfect BBQ meal. Whether you’re a vegetarian or meat-eater, I think you will find this incredibly satisfying.

Are you in the mood for a summer time barbeque yet? If you’d like to read more about great vegetarian products from Foodland, check out this breakfast blog post or this vegetarian charcuterie post.

(Note: ingredients for this post were provided by Foodland Kahala MKT. as part of their Foodland Ambassador Program.)

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