Nu’uanu Okazuya

In my last post, I mentioned that Foster Botanical Garden is a great place to have a picnic date. Before exploring the Garden, we stopped at the nearby Nu’uanu Okazuya to pick up lunch. I’ve passed by this location hundreds of times, but this was my first time actually going in and ordering a plate for myself.

clockwise: cone sushi, kabocha, miso butterfish, gobo

I enjoyed my cone sushi, kabocha, and butterfish.  They were all very tasty. The gobo is good, if you like it a bit spicy.

L: Diamond Head strawberry soda & mac salad (under foil) R clockwise: fried chicken, hot dog, saba, musubi

Locals know that Diamond Head strawberry soda is a familiar sight in small, mom and pop restaurants in the islands.  My date had to have one with his plate.  He liked the fried chicken the best. It was reasonably priced, as both plates together were $20.

Lots of choices displayed in the front window
Narrow walkway to order and pay
Lilikoi, lemon, and energy bars for sale in the fridge at the end of the counter



On the way out, we noticed a brand new area, where you could sit and eat your food. It looks like they will be expanding into the larger space, next door, in the near future.  By the looks of it, it’s going to be a cute, comfortable place to enjoy your food.

Whether you eat it there, take it home, or on a picnic, the food at Nu’uanu Okazuya is worth a try.  There’s a lot of choices and it’s reasonably priced.

We got metered street parking right in front
  • Nu’uanu Okazuya: 1351 Nu’uanu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96817 (located across from Hosoi Mortuary)
  • phone: 808-533-6169
  • Feels: local style, lots of choices, reasonably priced
  • Mon-Sat 5am-1:30pm
  • Sun 7am-1pm

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