Yagura, a Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant


When craving Japanese food that’s close to home, we typically go to Yagura Restaurant on Liliha St. We’ve been there several times, and always note the “old-school” feeling of the eatery. Recently, we found out that Yagura Restaurant has been in existence for 50 years and is now run by its 3rd owner. That’s a lot of history!

The menu includes various combination plates with a variety of choices, including beef teriyaki, tonkatsu, BBQ chicken, pork tofu, chicken tofu, saba shioyaki, shrimp tempura, and more! There is also nabemono, donburi, and hot or cold noodles (udon, soba, somen).

I often get the ahi nitsuke and shrimp tempura combination for $17.95. It comes with tsukemono, tossed salad, and miso soup, as well as A LOT of rice to go with that tasty, sweet nitsuke sauce.  The portions are filling, and the quality has always been consistent.

BBQ chicken and ahi sashimi teishoku

My date loves the chicken here and always talks about the crispy skin. This was his first time getting the sashimi, and he enjoyed it.

Spacious restaurant inside


Check out the wall for specials that might not be listed on the menu.
Located on Liliha St.

This place is truly a gem in the Liliha neighborhood. There’s something about it that feels like the Hawaii that we grew up in. If you’re looking for a non-corporate, neighborhood restaurant with delicious Japanese food, Yagura is the place for you!

  • Yagura Restaurant: 1655 Liliha St., Honolulu HI 96817
  • phone: 808-533-2160
  • parking: 4 spots in front of restaurant or street parking; worth the hunt for parking!
  • Popular for take-out orders
  • Feels: casual, can get busy but never too loud, old-school feels with prompt service
  • open: Mon-Sat 11am-2pm for lunch; Mon-Thur 5pm-8:15pm and Fri-Sat. 5pm-8:30pm for dinner


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