Dragon and Passion Fruit Slushy

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There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than an ice cold, fruity drink. This dragon and passion fruit slushy will give you all the tropical vibes and cool you down.

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What is Dragon Fruit?

I have been obsessed with the Night Blooming Cereus plant since I was a child growing up here in Hawai’i. My mom and I would walk by the cacti that grew on the rock walls of Punahou School and admire the white flowers that magically appeared at night.

Dragon fruit growing on cacti
In Hawai’i, these cacti and their dragon fruit can be found growing on fences and rock walls of people’s yards.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I made the connection that the pretty pink fruits with unusual “fins” at the market were actually the fruit of the same cacti that I had admired as a child. Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, are the fruit of those cacti. In Hawai’i you can find them growing on fences and on rock walls in people’s yards.

You can cut the dragon fruit in half and scoop out the flesh to eat it. You will find lots of tiny black seeds inside, which make their texture comparable to kiwi.

Dragon fruit with white flesh
Dragon fruit with dark pink on the outside and white flesh and black seeds on the inside

Different Types of Dragon Fruit

After doing a little research, I found that there are 3 types of dragon fruit. The first has red or pink skin and white flesh on the inside (see above). The second has red or pink skin and are dark pink on the inside (see below), and the last variety is yellow on the outside with white flesh inside (I am yet to try one of those!).

Dragon fruit with dark pink flesh
Dragon fruit with dark pink on the outside and dark pink flesh and black seeds on the inside

I was fortunate enough to get 2 out of 3 of the different varieties from my auntie’s yard. For this particular recipe, I used the dragon fruit with the white flesh.

What is Passion Fruit?

Ok, ok…I cheated. I don’t have an actual passion fruit to show you. It does grow on a vine and there are very pretty passion flowers. The fruits come in yellow and purple varieties, and when you cut into the middle, there’s lots of seeds. Passion fruits are known for their antioxidants and high nutritional value.

Pitaya Foods Frozen Passion Fruit

So if I didn’t use a fresh passion fruit, what did I use for this recipe??? I used the frozen passion fruit from Pitaya Foods that comes cut into bite-size cubes. The large bag was $13.79 at Costco in Hawaii, and it came with 6 individually packaged 8oz bags.

Pitaya Foods Frozen Passion Fruit
Bite size cubes of frozen passion fruit

Recipe Inspiration

On the back of the Pitaya Foods Passion Fruit bag, there are 3 recipes. One of the recipes calls for passion fruit, dragon fruit, banana, and almond milk. I kept the 3 fruits, but decided to swap in some Mango Hibiscus Shaka Tea for the almond milk. The result was a slushy, delicious drink.

Side note: I love Shaka Tea and am slightly obsessed with this bottled drink. It’s caffeine-free, has no added sugar, and is made with mamaki grown in Hawai’i. If you don’t have Shaka Tea where you are, you can also use another lightly flavored fruit tea, preferrably one with tropical flavors such as mango or pineapple.

Mango Hibiscus Shaka Tea
Mango Hibiscus Shaka Tea

Dragon and Passion Fruit Slushy

A refreshing tropical drink made of fruit and tea.

  • Author: stylepreservation
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Category: smoothies
  • Method: blend
  • Cuisine: healthy
  • Diet: Vegan


  • 1/2 cup dragon fruit
  • 1/2 cup frozen passion fruit
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup Mango Hibiscus Shaka Tea





Put all ingredients in your blender and blend until you reach a slushy consistency. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!


Drink it icy and cold. 

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I hope you get a chance to make this dragon and passion fruit slushy. If you’re interested in other blended recipes, check out my Sambazon Acai bowl. Let me know what your favorite blended drinks are in the comments!

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