Mini Bundt Cake Wreath

mini bundt cake wreath overhead shot


The holidays are in full swing, and I wanted to follow-up my Turkey Cupcakes with something equally as festive and easy to make. I bought a set of silicone mini donut molds earlier this year and thought they’d make the cutest wreaths. Using some icing and cute candy decorations, you can also make a mini bundt cake wreath.

ingredients for mini bundt cake wreaths
Ingredients for Mini Bundt Cake Wreath

Shopping List

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Baking Supplies Needed

silicone molds
These are the silicone molds I used for the mini bundt cake wreath. You can also make cupcakes with the extra batter.


  1. Prepare your cake mix according to the box.
  2. Bake them in mini bundt molds according to cupcake cooking time on box.
  3. Allow them to fully cool.
  4. Get creative and decorate with frosting, icing, and candy decorations.
  5. Arrange mini bundt cakes into a circular wreath for serving.

Suggestions and Notes

  • Frosting is optional; you can frost the sides of the cakes or leave them bare and just decorate the tops with icing.
  • Feel free to use different cake flavors and frosting. Red velvet would be festive!
  • Make all the mini bundt cakes the same for a uniform “real wreath” look, or make them with different colors, candies and icing techniques (pictured here).
  • Don’t worry about icing mistakes. You can cover them with candy decorations!
  • Use your wreath as a centerpiece for a holiday dessert table.
  • The mini bundt molds can be bought as individual silicone pieces or pans. My set came with 24 individual molds.
  • This would be a fun and easy activity to do with your kids!
individual bundt wreath
overhead plated shot of bundt cake wreaths
Enjoy your delicious dessert!

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